Hack for Freedom is a virtual hackathon celebrating developers creating tools for grassroots collaboration. Global social unrest is a cry for help, and Web3 tools, specifically DAOs, could be extremely helpful.

Unfortunately, Web3's UX isn't ready for prime time yet. But we cannot get there fast enough. That's why we need hackers to help build this future to bring freedom to all.

Thanks to Aragon Connect, developers can now embed DAO functionality into their apps in just a few lines of code. This gives developers unprecedented power to create tools for social change.

Hack for Freedom will focus around creating communities and tools for grassroots collaboration using Aragon Connect.

Things to build

Expert DAOs

Software that allows a community of experts to peer-review truthful information, for example related to COVID-19.

Social DAOs

Telegram/Discord integrations that allows for existing communities to allocate funds towards a common mission.


An easy app that allows a group of people to pool funds and provide UBI to its members using stablecoins.

Meritocratic communities

App to display AraCred rankings and allow people to get rewarded with governance power for their contributions.

Easy DAO onboarding flow

Using email or social logins for signup, and magic links for receiving the DAO's membership token.

Your idea here!

DAOs for coordinating event organization, staking pools, gaming... bring your own idea and build it!

Industry experts that care about using DAOs to bring freedom to all
Joel Monegro
Linda Xie
Scalar Capital
Camila Russo
The Defiant
Jesse Pollak
Peter ‘pet3rpan’
Eva Beylin
The Graph
Top 5 Prizes: Each of the Top 5 projects will be awarded 2000 ANT
Special Prizes: Each Special Prize has a Winner (1500 ANT) and a Runner Up (500 ANT)
Special Prize
Social impact
Special Prize
User experience
Special Prize
Tech innovation

Hackers can also participate in Sponsor Challenges worth over 9000 ANT
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